Awareness: Creating your own balance in life

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What is Awareness?

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Natasha Rocca Devine is an Irish-Italian Author, Philanthropist and Real Estate Associate. She has both a Masters in Journalism and Media Communications and Interior Architecture. Natasha lives in Los Angeles at works as a Real Estate Associate, while previously working for various Global Charities and Foundations such as ONE Campaign and The Climate Reality Project.

Most recently, Natasha completed a global book tour for the ‘The Industry’ fiction, while she worked as Interiors Editor for 'Haute So Fabulous' and ‘Social & Personal Magazine’. Throughout her life she has worked in entertainment assisting musicians, designers and publishing teams in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Along with her continued Ambassador roles for ‘Aware’ &Sport Against Racism Ireland’.

She has taken courses in Light engineering and design, Fashion design and through practice, taught herself Graphic Design. Natasha created NRD Productions, an online Production company where she wrote, produced and presented her own online documentaries. Meanwhile, she worked in front and behind camera for various small and large films, documentaries and online productions.

Each day, she practices designing and journaling her skills. Her passion for exercise is innate and remains a daily ritual. Natasha adores her family, friends, health, sport, music, travel, lighting, art, architecture and photography. She believes that living in the moment in balance, happiness and creativity is possible for all.

About the Book

Having recovered from a car accident at 19, which left Natasha in a coma, suffering a Subarachnoid Brain Haemhorrage and jaw injuries, memory loss and many other effects, ‘Awareness’ reflects her to return to balance. Months and years after, having defied the surgeons’ predictions for her future, she wishes to share her story and remind us how anything is possible if you have faith, hope and belief in your own strength. Of course, always leaving room for humour. Natasha believes we all have our own special talent(s) that we must honour and we must truly cherish our health and each day. That equality and respect for all is a must and that everything you wish for you can create for yourself, when in balance.

Throughout her book, through her graphics and text, she shares a life's guide of living each day in balance, with 'Awareness' of yourself and the world around you. Covering an array of topics such as; the self- healing practice of Metamorphosis, energy healing, communications, creativity, family, music, strength, success, physical exercise, sport, food, languages, technology, relationships, love, light and many more. Along with many activities to assist you in creating your own balance which will allow you to enjoy each day. 

Natasha includes worldwide interviews of people, both known and unknown, including her parents John Devine, football coach and ex Arsenal F.C. and Ireland footballer and her mother, Michelle Rocca Morrison, Former TV Broadcaster and writer. With 'Awareness' she hopes you will realise the positive effect that you alone, when in balance can make on the world. With Awareness you will fight your fears and live each day and moment in balance, with happiness and light, as you deserve.


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Published by Balboa Press-Hay House